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Highly trained protection operators and private security team
Our Expertise


We hand pick the highest skilled operators in the industry whose knowledge, integrity, and professionalism prepare them for every situation.

Our seasoned personnel have trained with military and law enforcement organizations around the world. We also provide rigorous training to prepare each operator for our clients' specific needs. Our international team is committed to providing the finest security, and our clientele have trusted us to protect their businesses and families for nearly twenty years.

Our Experience


Our operators are experienced in situations all over the world. Our team:
  • Operates in over 17 different countries
  • Speaks over 13 different languages
  • Draws experience from 6 military organizations, including 3 branches of US military
  • Draws experience from law enforcement from around the world, including US Federal and State law enforcement
  • Has experience in disaster relief security

Experienced, international security and protection team
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