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Our Solutions
We work to prevent and minimize all threats, while allowing our clients to focus on their personal and business objectives.
We specially tailor our services to fit each client's specific needs. Our analysts thoroughly examine each situation and consult with the client about the best approach. Our team is focused on finding the best solution without disrupting our clients' lifestyles.
Private, business, and corporate security and protection
Professional family and children protection
Our Commitment 
Our international team is committed to providing the finest security, and our clientele have trusted us to protect their businesses and families for nearly twenty years.

We are committed to providing each client with the finest, specially trained team for their unique situation. Our hand-picked team members go through advanced training that builds on the decades of success that they already have from experiences in law enforcement and military around the world. Our clients can depend on the integrity, knowledge, and professionalism of our team that meets the standards of our executive board.

Our History


Logan Protection Services was founded with the vision of protecting families, businesses, and organizations.

Kash Logan, CEO, founded Logan Protection Services in 1998. Logan is a decorated US Military veteran and member of the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and ASIS International. Logan is an accomplished instructor for the US military and certified with FEMA.


Our team members have trained with military organizations around the world. Today, Logan Protection Services has team members who have served in over 17 different countries and who are protecting and training many of the most influential people and organizations in the world.

Logan Protection Services History
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